Tamil Genocide Memorial

The Tamil Genocide Memorial (TGM) is formed to preserve the history of Tamil Eelam and the Tamil Genocide. TGM is a registered not-for-profit organization in Canada.

Tamil Genocide Memorial (TGM) would be a symbolic beacon to remember the Tamil Genocide and the history of Tamil Eelam and would be a powerful resource to carry the historical background of the Tamil genocide to the future generations.

Tamil Genocide Memorial (TGM) digital archive and social platform are now open for archivists to document and preserve Tamil Eelam and Tamil Genocide artifacts. TGM welcomes archivists and Tamil activists to this digital platform at https://tamilgenocide.com/groups.

Most of the Tamil identities, values, artifacts, monuments and Tamil heroes’ cemeteries were destroyed by genocidal Sri Lanka in the past decade. The Tamil diaspora has a duty to preserve the memories of Eelam Tamils and the widely used social media such as Facebook continuously banned Tamils from sharing their history. Therefore, TGM created a video archive at the end of 2020 and completed its full social platform in 2022. This platform allows the Tamil activists and archivists to create their own accounts and place the artifacts to preserve.

A user account can be created by visiting https://tamilgenocide.com/register/. Once their email gets verified, the user can access the platform and use it to post Tamil Genocide and Tamil Eelam related content.

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Address: 1570 Midland Avenue, Unit 13, Toronto ON M1P 3C3, Canada